Upon her entry into the world, you knew that she would be nothing less than great with her name, Dafina, meaning “of highworth.” Option weren ever necessary for Dafina Zeqiri. Entertainment came easy and what she wanted to be come in her life was an no brainer. Becoming an international singer/songwriter was her dream and she’s been achieving that goal at all costs. From a strong background led by her single mother raising 3 daughters, Dafina’s strength was evident. Knowing that she had talent early on was the force that drove her to involve her self in classes and children’s festivals that helped her develop the skills to create her own buzz. Dafina is no stranger to social adjustment as her family moved around Europe quite a bit. That would only give her the edge that most singer/songwriters don’t posses speaking 4 languages (Swedish, Albanian, German and English) and culturally well rounded. Dafina started her career at the tender age of 17, performing on numerous platforms, traveling between the United Stated and Europe for 5 years and ultimately becoming a singing sensation in Kosovo, Dafina is now ready for international stardom and is breaking her way in to the U.S. marketplace.

Dafina the Singer / Songwriter

Singer/Songwriter Dafina Zeqiri hailsfrom Verberg, Sweden. She was the middle child of 3 girls and always danced to her own tune. With her mother, Melihate Zeqiri, being a single parent, her family moved around so that her mother could provide a comfortable life for her daughters. To keep her daughters well rounded she enrolled the mine very thing from music classes to swim lessons. Dafina smother was musically inclined singing for orchestras in Kosovo, but after giving birth to her first child she decided that sacrificing her singing career would be best. Melihate always dreamed that one of her children would in her it her talent and her dream was realized with her second child Dafina. She realized Dafina had talent at age two, as she would hum the melodies of various songs. Not only could Dafina sing, but also she was naturally entertaining being able to act, sing and dance. At age 8, Dafina begin to exhibit her writing skills through poems and by age 10 she would turn those poems into song lyrics that she would perform in childrens festivals. It was Dafina transition from Sweden to Kosovo that helped develop her independence being the skill necessary to take her career to the next level.


At age 17, Dafina made her career a priority. With the support of her sister and mother, Dafina gained popularity after taking first place and winning multiple awards in a talent contest in her native capital city Prishtina, Kosovo known as POLIFEST in 2007, 2008 and 2009. Kosovo would be the start of her being known as an international singer/songwriter. In, 2010 she became the first artist in her home land to be nominated in 8 categories for her song and music video Amazing Girl, “establishing her as a house hold name. She won Best Video, Best Performance and Best Artist with her song“ POM PELQEN” at the national video awards in 2012. Her recognition earned her a spot as a special guest on X-Factor (Albania) where she surprised a record breaking TV audience with a performance in June 2012. After traveling between the U.S .and Albania for 5years, a close friend of Dafina introduced her to music producer Rick Steel. That relationship would result in her featuring her vocals on the late Chinx’s, “Wake Up.” Since meeting Rick, she has been working tirelessly on her first English album. Her relationship with Rick would be one that places her in a position to become the American singer/songwriter she set out to be.